07/21 Intratuin Halsteren

Project Intratuin Halsteren: a unique look behind the scenes

The project realized at Intratuin Halsteren is one that Aquaja is really proud of. In cooperation with De Haan Retail Support we realized a complete renewed animal section at one of the biggest establishments of Intratuin. In February of this year, we installed 12 aquarium units, a plant island, a small animal enclosure, 6 fish basins and a 300×200 cm show pond.

The priority during the designing and realizing of the animal enclosures was animal welfare. Intratuin Halsteren chose for much more spacious enclosures than usual in order to guarantee the welfare of the animals. For example, the rodent enclosures are 2 times larger than normal and for the bird enclosures was decided to only work with aviaries, so the birds have much more space to live in.

With the video above we would like to give a unique look behind the scenes. All processes of this project are covered, from start to finish. Our employees explain what the realization of such a project looks like and Jan Willem Egas, owner of Intratuin Halsteren, also explains about this cooperation.

With satisfaction we look back on this project and would like to thank De Haan Retail Support and Intratuin Halsteren for the pleasant cooperation!