09/18: Aquaja & HVP Aqua

Aquaja chooses HVP Aqua as its new supplier in LED lighting
Aquaja is proud to announce we are going to collaborate with Dutch LED lighting supplier HVP Aqua. Since Interzoo 2018, Aquaja has been focusing on a new supplier that specializes in LED lighting for shop fittings and animal housing.

Together with HVP Aqua, Aquaja has developed a new LED lighting under private label. This unique Aquaja lighting has been specially adapted to fit the wishes and needs of the consumers of our units. This is reflected in:

Aquaja will also present the full range of HVP Aqua in our custom-made aquariums, which Aquaja offers under the name “Aquaja Diamond”. All dealers will be informed shortly and given the opportunity to order the lighting from Aquaja’s calculation program.

Danny Janssen, CEO Aquaja: “We are delighted to welcome HVP Aqua as our new partner in lighting. HVP Aqua has made a substantial growth as a company over the last few years. They have proven to be very innovative and because of this, their products have increased in quality. Therefore, they are the best in meeting the demands of our customers and we are looking forward to a productive cooperation.”

If you have any interest or questions in response to this message, feel free to contact us