Specialist in pet & aquatic shopfitting

Who we are

Aquaja is an internationally operating company, based in the Netherlands, with more than 20 years of experience in customized shop fittings for the display of livestock.

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What we do

We produce animal-housing units for the sale of tropical fish, pond fish, reptiles, rodents and birds. The units are designed and manufactured by experienced specialists who focus on quality and appearance.

Highlighted project

At the beginning of 2019 Aquaja delivered shopfittings for a garden centre in Denmark. The gigantic project consists of no less than 17 aquarium units, a large plant sales island including a kitchen unit, 15 cold-water fish basins, 9 terrarium units, a tortoise island, a spacious rodent department with various rodent stays and a parrot aviary.

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Where we operate

We are located in Echt (the Netherlands) and we operate within Europe and even outside of Europe. Our sales office, with the support of our French speaking, German speaking and English speaking sales representatives, work together with our international clients.