Aquaja Diamond Line

The new and improved Aquaja Diamond Line is available in 3 different models: Aquaja Diamond Line 275, Aquaja Diamond Line 400 & Aquaja Diamond Line 535.

These high-quality rimless aquariums are equipped with ultra clear glass (front & sides) and are including an overflow box with removable overflow combs and covering. Inside the overflow box you can find a double drainage system and the return piping. The return piping is equipped with 1 (275 & 400 model) or 2 (535 model) turnable return inlets(s).

The furniture is equipped with high-quality Perfect Gloss MDF-panels and is available with a removable front panel or with regular swinging door(s). The Aquaja Diamond Line is equipped with a sump (with removable filter socks holder and a R.O water storage space). The sump has a white finish.

For each model there is also the possibility to order a removable lighting hood, so you can work with a closed system.

Important features*

You can view the Diamond Line flyer here!