04/18: Au Comptoir du Jardinier

Au Comptoir du Jardinier very satisfied with cooperation with Aquaja!
Aquaja has installed a new animal department for Au Comptoir du Jardinier. Au Comptoir du Jardinier is a large and well-known garden centre in France. Aquaja is really proud to have been chosen as the supplier for this stunning project.

We have received the following great feedback from the staff of Au Comptoir du Jardinier:

“Aquaja has installed new units for our aquatics, small animals, reptile and bird department ​in our renewed store. In total we have received over 20 meters of new wall units. We have chosen for the anthracite color and are really satisfied with the great end-result!

We are really satisfied with the contact we’ve had with Aquaja. Thanks to the quick and good answers from Aquaja to all of our questions, this project could begin really quick. The quality and the general look and feel of the new units are, if you ask us, not comparable to any other supplier. We receive a lot of compliments from our customers regarding our new units. As far as maintenance and sales the Aquaja units are perfect.

Thanks to the new animal department and the new Aquaja units we have created a new dynamic in our store. Aquaja has shown to be able to adapt to our questions and our wishes and needs. Their pre-sales communications, their after-sales service and the quality of the installation is superior to anything other we have seen.

As Au Comptoir du Jardinier we are there for very happy and satisfied with Aquaja and we recommend them to all our colleagues.”

Aquaja wishes to thank Au Comptoir du Jardinier for a really pleasant cooperation and for their trust in our company and in our products. We are happy that this project will result in new projects in France for multiple stores.