01/19: Huge project in Denmark

Aquaja is currently working hard on the production for a very impressive project in Denmark. This Danish retail chain of garden centers will equip her newest garden center, with a size of 4.000 m², with all the latest modern techniques and has in part of this chosen for the animal enclosures of Aquaja.

Aquaja will provide the garden center with the entire aquarium-, pond-, terrarium- and rodent department with high-quality animal enclosures.

The aquarium- and pond department is designed with the newest innovations and techniques. The pond- and aquarium section together have a capacity of 30.000 liters. All this water is refreshed and warmed with the energy efficient techniques, specially developed by Aquaja. This will result in enormous savings for the customer.

The terrarium department will be furnished with nine aluminum look units and a tortoise island. The rodent department will consist out of one large rodent island, sorted in two floors and six rodent coops. All units in the rodent section will be open at the top and provided with stickers for an optimal living environment and a natural appearance.

Aquaja will deliver this project in January, after which the garden center will open its doors in mid-March.