09/18: Fressnapf Remscheid

In the summer of 2018, Jannes Fressnapf GmbH ordered complete shop fittings for their new location of the gigantic German retail chain Fressnapf, located in Remscheid.

Aquaja had drawn up the clients wishes in an early state of the sales process, designing everything to the clients will. Fressnapf Remscheid not only has a complete matching row of aquarium units ensuring a beautiful whole, but they also have a scoop with its anthracite matt profiles. This brand new tint from Aquaja’s range gives the shop fitting a luxurious appearance.
Fressnapf Remscheid is also the proud owner of Aquaja’s unique showroom aquarium.
All of this, combined with balanced designs on the plexiglass panels placed above the aquarium units, provides the complete picture in the sleek design of this newly built store.

The sustainable and energy-efficient innovations in Aquaja’s store layout, which Fressnapf Remscheid will be able to use for many years, will offer the company a profitable future.
In addition, Fressnapf Remscheid contributes to animal-friendly solutions by keeping their birds in separate quarters. The energy-efficient Induction Light above the coral island, provided by Aqua ECO Store (www.aquaecostore.com), is also a stunning eye-catcher!

Mr. Jannes of Jannes Fressnapf GmbH on the collaboration with Aquaja:

“We are very satisfied with Aquaja. They have delivered an excellent performance with top quality and installation. Aquaja fully anticipated on our wishes and very quickly accomplished what we had in mind. Everything was realized within the set deadlines and all agreements made were respected. Their employees are also very friendly and genuinely thoughtful.
We recommend Aquaja, because everything fits perfectly and is just super! On behalf of the company Fressnapf Remscheid, we give them our compliments! Be sure to ask Aquaja for a quote if you are interested, because it is a fantastic company with very good products for an affordable price.”

Aquaja would like to thank the Jannes family, the team of Fressnapf Remscheid and Jannes Fressnapf GmbH for this successful cooperation and also thank them for putting their trust in the company and its products.