Our story

Aquaja is an internationally operating company, based in the Netherlands, with more than 20 years of experience in customized shop fittings for the display of livestock. We produce animal-housing units for the sale of tropical fish, pond fish, reptiles, rodents and birds. The units are designed and manufactured by experienced specialists who focus on quality and appearance. Aquaja employs experts with ample experience, who help shopkeepers create a modern and unique design and a fitting solution for any situation.

Aquaja products can be practically and easily maintained, but are also geared towards giving an extra dimension to a shop, namely experience! The Aquaja solutions make it possible for shopkeepers to display livestock in a responsible manner, but will also make a visit to a pet shop a real outing.

Aquaja’s store design is of a high quality, energy-efficient and can be customized to any project. These core values are appreciated on the international market.

The work is mainly conducted based on tailor made design and on the desires of the chain stores and individual shops. All basic materials and accessories (air pumps/ filters, etc.) we are using, come from European brands (Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany). A project will take about 4 to 10 weeks in regards to design and implementation. All shelves are completely manufactured in-house.

This meticulous preparations result in a considerable shorter installation period in the store: one needs to calculate about one hour per shelve. Our flexibility, our short delivery times, our geographical location near large markets such as France and Germany, nearby the most important highways and airports, our price-quality ration, our after sales service are all part of our key strengths.

Aquaja’s unique products not only stand out because of their high-quality materials, the added experience and customized solutions, but also thanks to Aquaja’s high level of service. As a result, Aquaja is a reliable business partner for international chains and shopkeepers alike with fitting products for any store and project.